DZ7S-100ZFD smart circuit breaker

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DZ7S-100ZFD PV auto reclosing, auto closing when power on and auto opening when power off. With fault protection and overload and short circuit protection. It is suitable for auto opening and closing control of circuits with AC 50Hz, rated working voltage AC230V, rated current 6A~125A. This product is widely used in photovoltaic and electric supply grid-connected systems.

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DZ7S-100ZFD PV auto reclosing, auto closing when power on and auto opening when power off. With fault protection and overload and short circuit protection. It is suitable for auto opening and closing control of circuits with AC 50Hz, rated working voltage AC230V, rated current 6A~125A. This product is widely used in photovoltaic and electric supply grid-connected systems. When the mains power supply is on, circuit breakers are automatically reclosed, the electric supply and photovoltaic power generation are used in parallel. When the electric supply is cut off, the circuit breaker is automatically off to block the city power and photovoltaic power in parallel (closing when power on, opening whwn power off), and used for occasions where personnel are difficult to access and maintenance personnel cannot be in place. It can also be used as circuit for infrequent operation and conversion.
The control mode of miniature PV automatic reclosing breakers is divided into full-auto control mode and semi-auto control mode, ie "Auto" mode and "Manual" mode, and can be set by the mode switch on the breaker panel;
Auto mode: Auto opening at the power supply voltage, under voltage, and voltage loss, Auto closing when the power supply is normal.
Manual mode: Auto opening at the the power supply voltage and undervoltage, not auto opening when the power loss, and the power is not automatically closing when the power supply is normal.
The power of the photovoltaic reclosing control circuit adopts internal power, and no external power supply is needed, and take power directly from the phase and neutral lines of the circuit breaker.
Left side of the inlet of PV reclosing breaker is connected to "L" and the right side is connected to "N"; The inlet of the three-phase four-wire miniature automatic reclosing circuit breaker is 1,3,5,N from left to right, that is, the right side of the product is connected to the zero line, the control unit of the miniature circuit breaker is on the left side of the product;
There is no colored power failure indicator on the front of the miniature automatic reclosing breaker, and different indication colors are displayed for the overvoltage, undervoltage, and phase loss (For three-phase four-wire miniature automatic reclosing breaker) on the power supply side to identify the current status of the supply voltage.
Auto Reclosing Circuit Breaker meets the standards of GB10963.1 and IEC60898-1.

Model and Meaning

Rated Current




Rated Voltage Ue


Thermo - Magnetic Release Characteristic

C-Curve (5-10In)

Electrical Life


Mechanical Life


Reference Temperature For Setting Of Thermal Element


Ambient Temperature


Adapter Cable

6-63A 1-25mm² 16-3AWG | 80-125A 8-35mm² 16-2AWG

Structure Feature

◆ With overload protection, short-circuit protection, overvoltage and undervoltage protection, over-voltage recovery. In case of failure, prevent closing when failure and safer to use.
◆ With anti strong magnetic interference function;
◆ The circuit breaks down immediately after the closing, it can be quickly opened to ensure the safety of the electricity. And the contact of the circuit breaker is always completely opening or closing to avoid the safety accident caused by the contact in the middle of opening and closing action.
◆ Closing when power on, opening when power off;
◆ Easy installation, outline dimension is single-pole 18mm width, the control part is consistent with the height of the circuit breaker part, rail-mounted, easy to interchange.
◆ The shell and parts are made of high flame-retardant, high pressure and impact resistant plastics.
◆ The front of the product is provided with red control signal light. When the voltage reaches the rated closing voltage, the light is on; when the voltage is less than the rated voltage, the light is off to identify the current control status of the PV reclosing.
◆ The circuit breaker has quick closing function: it can avoid the adverse effects caused by the speed of the handle in the auto reclosing and opening of the circuit breaker, thereby prolonging the service life of the product.

Main parameters and technical performance

Rated current In: 6A, 10A, 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 40A, 50A, 63A, 80A, 100A, 125A.
Pole: 1P+N single-phase, 3P+N three-phase.
Overvoltage protection value: 1P+N: 270V±5V; 3P+N: 270V±5V per phase;
Undervoltage protection value: 1P+N: 165V±5V; 3P+N: 165V±5V per phase
Instantaneous release: C type (5ln~10ln)
Electrical life: 4000 times, cos = 0.85~0.9;
Mechanical life: 20000 times
Protection class: IP20
Rated operating voltage Ue: 1P+N/2P, 230V, AC/50Hz; 3P+N/4P, 400V, AC/50Hz
Energy grade: 3
Remote auto closing time: <3s
Power-on delay: ≥4s
Control level current: ≤1mA
Phase leakage current: <0.2mA
Rated impact withstand voltage: 6KV
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity: 10000A (6~80A); 6000A (100~125A)
Connect the external signal control line: the conductor cross-sectional area is 0.6mm², and the length is 30cm (other lengths can be specially produced) with crimped terminals.
Terminal Blocks: suitable for wire connection below 35mm, wiring method is pressing the wiring with screws, torque is 3.5Nm.
Auto reclosing: In the auto state, detect load end, meet the closing requirements, then 5s delay auto reclosing; unsuccessful closing, detecting the load end, meet the closing requirements, then delay 15s reclosing, unsuccessful, detecting load end ,meet the closing requirements, then delay 30s for the third time to reclose. If it is unsuccessful, it will enter the locking state, the locking alarm contact will be connected and send alarm signal. Automatically release the lock state after 15min. (The load side detection does not meet the closing requirement or the reopening within 5s after closing are defined as closing failure)
Release the lock: After eliminating the leakage fault, switch it on manually or press the remote closing button (when there is remote control function) to close and release the lock; or wait 15 minutes for auto unlocking.
Manual/Auto operation: [Manual/Auto] is set to auto mode, and the circuit breaker is opened by hand. Default to fault tripping, automatically reclose; when the remote trip button is pressed, it will open and in the closed state. [Manual/Auto] is set to manual mode, automatic reclosing and remote control functions are disabled, and manual opening or closing can be performed.
Safety padlock: It can be padlocked in the opening state and the locking diameter is Φ4mm.
Communication: Standard RS485 communication interface, meet the requirement of DL/T "Residual current device communication protocol"; can achieve remote control, long-distance opening and closing, query running status and other intelligent management.

Rated current range In (A)

Max power consumption per pole (W)











Overcurrent protection characteristics at 30°C~35°C


Rated current(A)

Test current

Initial state

Set time

Appointed time






t≥1h In≤125A

t≥2h In>125A

Non tripping





After the last test

t<1h In≤125A

t<2h In>125A


The current rise steadily to a fixed value within 5S





1s<t<60s< td="" style="box-sizing: border-box;">






1s<t<120s< td="" style="box-sizing: border-box;">

Non tripping

Close the auxiliary switch to turn on the current








Non tripping


Tripping Characteristic Curve

Tripping characteristic curve of C-type


Outline and Installation Dimensions


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