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XUCKY Electric: Empowering Tomorrow's Electrical Solutions

Welcome to XUCKY Electric, a leading name in the electrical industry, known for its innovation, reliability, and unwavering commitment to excellence. As a specialized manufacturer and exporter, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in providing modular electric terminal devices for households and similar installations in China. With a comprehensive range of products, advanced production capabilities, and a customer-centric approach, we offer a host of advantages that set us apart in the market.


Our Main Products

  1. Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) 丨Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB)
  2. Residual Current Circuit Breakers With Overcurrent Protection (RCBO)
  3. Switch-disconnector 丨Distribution Box
  4. Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) 丨Air Circuit Breaker (ACB)
  5. Contactor 丨Magnetic Starter丨 Motor Protection Circuit Breaker
  6. Thermal Relay  丨K.W.H meter
  7. Vacuum circuit breaker 丨Load break switch(LBS)

Uncompromising Quality Control & Certifications

Quality is the cornerstone of our operations, and we leave no room for compromise. With a 99.9% product defect-free rate, our robust quality control measures guarantee the reliability and safety of our offerings. 


Comprehensive Product Range & Customization Expertise

With a vast inventory of 1000+ products, we cater to a wide spectrum of electrical needs. Our versatility extends to customized solutions, where we have completed 100+ successful OEM projects, collaborating with renowned international corporations. At XUCKY Electric, we listen to our clients and tailor products to their specific requirements.

Cutting-Edge Technology & R&D Process 

At XUCKY Electric, we take pride in our 30+ strong R&D team, diligently focused on developing groundbreaking circuit breaker technology. With 20+ international patents to our name, we push the boundaries of innovation to deliver state-of-the-art electrical solutions. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that our products meet the highest industry standards, making us a preferred choice for discerning buyers.

Global Reach & Satisfied Clientele

As a globally recognized brand, XUCKY Electric proudly serves customers in 100+ countries. With over 1,000 satisfied clients in our portfolio, we have garnered trust and acclaim for our products' performance and durability. Our extensive export experience allows us to cater to diverse markets with tailored solutions.

Exemplary After-Sales Service & 5-Year Warranty

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business ethos. Our dedicated 24/7 customer support team ensures prompt assistance, anytime, anywhere. We stand behind the quality of our products with a generous 5-year warranty, offering our clients peace of mind and long-term value.

Our Advantages

Location Advantage

XUCKY Electric enjoys strategic location advantages, being situated in the thriving town of Liushi in Wenzhou, China. This favorable location provides numerous benefits that contribute to our success and reputation in the electrical industry. Liushi, a renowned hub for electrical manufacturing and trading, offers unparalleled geographical convenience. As one of the major industrial towns in Wenzhou, it is well-connected to major transportation networks, including roads, railways, and ports. This accessibility ensures efficient and cost-effective logistics.

Quality Control Procedures

At XUCKY Electric, our commitment to excellence begins with our dedicated Quality Management & Technical Support Department. This department plays a pivotal role in upholding our reputation for delivering high-quality products and providing unparalleled customer support. Through rigorous quality control measures and expert technical assistance, we can ensure the reliability and performance of our electrical solutions.
Quality Control Procedures
Quality Management Process at XUCKY Electric At XUCKY Electric, our commitment to delivering superior quality products is at the core of our operations. Our well-defined and comprehensive Quality Management Process ensures that every circuit breaker leaving our production facility meets the highest industry standards and exceeds customer expectations. Procedures: 1. Raw Material Inspection 2. In-Process Quality Control 3. Testing and Validation 4. Final Product Inspection 5. Compliance with International Standards 6. Continuous Improvement

R&D Capabilities

At XUCKY Electric, our Research and Development (R&D) department is the driving force behind our innovative electrical solutions. With a dedicated team of skilled engineers and a culture of continuous improvement, our R&D process and practices ensure that we stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the electrical industry. 1. Idea Generation and Conceptualization 2. Feasibility Analysis 3. Prototyping and Testing 4. Iterative Design Refinement 5. Design Verification and Validation 6. Collaborative Input and Review 7. Market Launch and Continuous Improvement 8. Intellectual Property

Sample Policy

Interested parties can submit sample requests through our official website or by contacting our sales team directly. The request should include essential information, such as the type of product required, quantity, shipping address, contact details, and the purpose of the sample evaluation.

After Sales Services

At XUCKY Electric, our commitment to customer satisfaction extends well beyond the purchase of our electrical products. We believe in building lasting partnerships with our clients by providing exceptional after-sales service and support. Our dedicated team is ready to assist our customers

Supply Chain Elements

Our Supply Chain Management focus is to provide a competitive advantage by working with our supply base to meet and exceed the needs of customers. Practices include supplier evaluation processes used by commodity teams who assess the desirability of a supplier for long-term alliance relationships.

Factory OEM/ODM Capabilities

At XUCKY Electric, we take immense pride in our robust OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) capabilities, making us a trusted partner for customized electrical solutions. With decades of experience and a skilled team of engineers, we offer comprehensive services that cater to the unique needs of our valued clients.


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