How important is a leakage circuit breaker? Teach you fire eyes to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of leakage circuit breaker!

MCB is an indispensable part of every household decoration. But in daily life, many people only install the “MCB” at home, and forget the residual current circuit breaker. If the bathroom or kitchen is only equipped with air switches, the line insulation is damaged by damp or water, it is likely to leak electricity, at this time if you go to touch the electrical equipment or adjacent facilities is a safety accident. residual current circuit breaker is produced in order to solve this problem, residual current circuit breaker also known as leakage circuit breaker, leakage protector, and air switch is a circuit breaker.

Residual current circuit breaker is different from MCB, MCB in the circuit overload or short circuit, will directly cut off the circuit, to prevent burning wire or damage electrical appliances; When the electrical leakage occurs, the residual current circuit breaker will quickly automatically trip, the danger of personal shock cut off from the source. In a word: the air switch is to protect the electrical circuit, leakage circuit breaker is to protect the safety of people.

(Appearance differentiation method: residual current circuit breaker comes with a T button)

So how to choose a good quality residual current circuit breaker? The advantages and disadvantages of residual current circuit breakers on the market can be distinguished from the following three points.

Because to ensure the safety of people and property, so the residual current circuit breaker cut off the power (extinguish the arc) speed must be fast. If the circuit breaker whose arc extinguishing speed is not fast enough is used, the current cannot be quickly broken in time, there will be danger.

Many electrical fires start with leakage of electricity. Continuous leakage of small current and small power will cause heating and combustion, which will lead to a serious fire. So the shell of the residual current circuit breaker must be resistant to high temperature, non-ignition, self-extinguishing.

Although the service life of the residual current circuit breaker is limited, but the replacement of a leakage is always more troublesome, so the performance of the residual current circuit breaker must be stable, safe and durable.

In view of the above three points, looking to the residual current circuit breaker brand market, it can be said that Siemens CP Green (green circuit breaker) series has done particularly well.

In the arc extinguishing speed, Siemens green circuit breaker has an excellent short circuit overall arc extinguishing system — large copper-plated 13 pieces of arc extinguishing grid, leading the industry average level (international first-line brand 40A below only 10 pieces, most of the domestic brands are 9 pieces), arc extinguishing will short-circuit arc cut more fine, 2.5ms speed out fault arc, protect the safety of equipment.

On the shell, Siemens green circuit breaker adopts thermosetting shell, self-extinguishing, no ignition, in addition, the green series does not deform at high temperature, more security. And many brands of circuit breakers on the market are thermoplastic shell, high temperature ignition after extinguishing and anti-melting dripping ability is low will continue to burn, very conducive to the protection of household electricity and personal safety.

(Siemens circuit breaker burns for 90 seconds at 960 degrees Celsius without igniting)

(The thermosetting shell material is burned for 90 seconds at 960 degrees Celsius, continuously burning without extinguishing)

In terms of durability, the static contacts of Siemens green circuit breakers are all made of silver and graphite alloy, with an oversized thickened square design with a silver layer thickness of more than 0.5mm. Compared with circular contacts, the square design increases the cross-sectional area and brings higher service life than the national standard for the circuit breaker. Stable performance, more safe and durable products.

In addition to the above three points, Siemens Green circuit breakers do not add toxic metal elements and halides (chemicals that can cause cancer), and the components comply with the European Union Environmental ROHS certification. Moreover, according to actual measurement, Siemens Green breaker saves more electricity than many circuit breakers on the market. For a house with two bedrooms and one living room, only the circuit breaker saves dozens of pieces of electricity every year compared with Schneider E9 series products. Save money and safety, but leakage circuit breaker conscience choice.

This is where you get the idea of how important a leakage circuit breaker is. Leakage circuit breaker plays a very big role in home electrical, “home electrical” including the home of strong electricity, weak current comprehensive layout and management, including circuit breaker, switch socket and plug and other voltage in 220V strong electrical equipment, as well as sound signal weak current management (weak current box). Circuit breaker as one of the links, can play a protective role in the household electrical circuit, and the effective anti-leakage measure is to install leakage circuit breaker in the circuit circuit, protect the safety of electricity, prevent accidents. Families in the choice of leakage circuit breaker, also must polish the eyes, after all, it is about personal safety.

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Post time: Jan-07-2023